Tips for Making Summer Cocktails

With summer finally here, consumers across the country are starting to brighten up their lives, heading outside to enjoy the delightful weather and getting together with friends to celebrate. One of the best ways to celebrate the beginning of summer is to host a summer cocktail party, but not everyone knows how to make cocktails. This article won’t teach readers how to become bartending masters, but it will at least get them started on the path toward brighter, tastier summer drinks.

Use Decent Liquors

The quality of liquor used in a cocktail is always going to have a strong impact on how good the drink tastes. That doesn’t mean readers have to break their budgets purchasing top-shelf products, but they shouldn’t be scraping the bottom of the barrel either. Even if they’re not picky, their guests might be, so it’s worth investing a little bit of extra money in purchasing high-quality liquors.

Use Fresh Ingredients

Just like a cocktail mixed with bottom-shelf liquor isn’t going to taste as good as one that features a premium blend, mixers who skimp on ingredients will find that their cocktails just won’t have the same bright, cheery taste as those who are willing to go the extra mile. Freshly squeezed juice is always the goal to shoot for, but if there’s not enough time for all that extra effort, readers should at least purchase high-quality juices and other ingredients.

Quality Glassware

Every home bar really needs high-quality glassware, including proper cocktail shakers and jiggers. This won’t just make a better impression on guests. It will also ensure an adequate balance of liquor and other ingredients, allowing those homemade cocktails to come out just as good as they would at a commercial bar.

Shake Vigorously and Use Plenty of Ice

Drinks that are shaken, not stirred, should always be shaken vigorously and include plenty of ice. The extra ice helps to chill the cocktail as much as possible, and the extra shaking allows the cold to fully permeate, delivering a crisper finish. Just be sure to add ice last, as adding it early allows it to dilute the drink if it sits for too long.

Do Some Recipe Research

The best way to find new recipes to try is to check out this blog about cocktails. Produced by the Alcohol Professor, it offers recipes, mixing tips, and more, giving readers the resources they need to up their game this summer. Readers looking to keep up with the most recent trends and find new drinks to experiment with can see Alcohol Professor for additional recipes, news articles, videos, and more today.

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